Phyto350 or Phyto 350 Phytoceramides Anti-aging Supplement

Are Ceramides the new skincare breakthrough and can they smoothen wrinkles and strengthen sagging skin? The amswer is, YES. Ceramides make up most of the epidermis layer of the skin and Phytoceramides, the substances derived from plant, are lipids that keep your skin hydrated and plump. Phytoceramides help the skin keep youthful look. They work […]

Using Aromatherapy Bath Oil As Perfect Way To Relax and Unwind Yourself

Aromatherapy Bath: Relax With Essential Oils Warm water has been used for relaxation for centuries, and combined with aromatherapy bath oil, it can really do wonders in healing your tired spirits after a rough day! Apart from the healing properties, they add that unique dimension of wonderful scents too, which have their own enigmatic effect […]

Aromatherapy Accessory: The Importance and The Benefits

Aroma Therapy – The Art of Maintaining Good Health Aromatherapy is an art of maintaining better health. It makes use of various natural products that imply essential oils, floral waters, carrier oils etc. Aroma therapy is wonderful all-natural way which involves extraordinarily beautiful fragrances along with healing, helps in maintaining social and emotional well being […]

Career in Aromatherapy: Career Training Possibilities in Spa and Aromatherapy

Accredited Education Opportunities for Obtaining Degree There exist various education opportunities for obtaining an accredited higher education in spa and aromatherapy. These are designed to help students prepare for careers through certified schools, colleges, and degree programs that provide quality training. Studies in different areas of the field and levels of training are available for […]

Hazardous Essential Oils

Essential Oil Safety, Warnings and Hazards for Safe Use Essential oils are what are used in aromatherapy. They provide many valuable benefits, however there are essential oils that are potentially hazardous. They are as follows. Pennyroyal – an infusion of the leaves makes a safe digestive tea, but the essential oil can kill when taken […]

Essential Oils: What You Need to Know

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils A common ingredient in natural products, essential oils are used commonly through inhalation or by topical application of diluted oil. Because these oils are so readily available to the public, many people incorrectly assume that no particular knowledge or training is needed to use them. Unfortunately, there are many who make this […]